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RSP Nutrition makes products that are popular with athletes and body builders. They use these supplements to boost the natural properties of the foods they eat or, in some cases, to replace foods.

While protein is the natural source of BCAAs which are not produced by the body, nutritionists working for supplement companies like RSP Nutrition say these forms are not as easy for a person to digest.

They use the word “bioavailability” to indicate that powders and tablets make BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) quickly and more fully available to the muscles than food sources do.

RSP Nutrition ReGen BCAA


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A 30-serving container of this BCAA supplement only costs about $20 through Amazon; and about $40 for 50 servings at ReGen Nutrition – perhaps up to just under $100 if you don’t shop around. This is a drink mix that comes in 5 tasty fruit flavors and dissolves in water without the use of a noisy kitchen gadget.

Weight lifters can take the powder to their gym, fill up at the water fountain on cold fresh water, and mix their supplement on the spot to drink 30 minutes before, halfway between, or almost immediately after a long series of workout moves.

Ingredients in ReGen BCAA

The main ingredients found in this powdered product are BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids which support muscle growth, aiding your body in the delivery of nutrition directly to muscle cells.

They promote circulation and, thus, the delivery of oxygen and antioxidants to heal and protect cells. With BCAAs in your workout diet, your immune system will fight bacteria more effectively: they’re the internal muscle that boosts the appearance and efficacy of external ones.

Branched Chain Amino Acids in Food

Consumers can eat these essential nutrients: fish, chicken, soy, and beef are some sources. The trouble with eating a big meal containing an effective amount of BCAAs is that you can’t digest that much food and then go out and pump iron or perform squats.

After a workout you might even feel too sick to do anything but stretch and lie down. Meanwhile, your body only makes use of a certain percentage of those proteins in real food; far less than would be available from a powdered source.


There is twice as much Leucine as Isoleucine and Valine (the three BCAAs) plus the same amount of Citrulline Malate. The last of these supports the work of amino acids and BCAAs by enhancing blood flow.

A small amount of your daily requirement of electrolytes is also included in this mixture: potassium, calcium, and sodium. These also support circulation and prevent cramping post-workout, although hydrating properly and stretching are necessary as well.

Where hydration is concerned, some nutritionists will argue there is nothing like plain water to do the job. Supplement companies argue that coconut water enhances hydration. This particular product contains powdered raw coconut water plus flavorings which apparently taste great; much better than plain BCAAs.

Overall View

There are some serious gimmicks involved in this industry, like the one above. Water is better than anything for hydrating muscles which have just lost buckets of liquid during an hour of sweating and breathing hard.

The amount of electrolytes found here is very small: 2-3% of each, so nothing significant. At least there is no caffeine to artificially energize you followed by a crash.

The price is competitive and reviews are good. RSP Nutrition’s BCAA product stands up against that of the other gimmicky competition.

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