Neon Sport Kinetic Review

The catalog at Neon Sport contained* five products: Thermo Rev, Surge, Volt, Intercept, and Kinetic. Each one is a supplement for athletes to help them achieve top performance with minimum downtime and optimum recovery.

Here is Neon Sport Kinetic, an Amino Acid Supplement containing BCAAs and SAAs.

Neon Sport KineticThe Kinetic Alphabet

BCAAs are Branch Chain Amino Acids found in proteins and responsible for creating and supporting muscle plus other functions such as promoting focus and energy.

SAAs are Sequenced Amino Acids and SPPs are Silk Protein Peptides, essential for performance and desired as training nutrients among people who pump iron seriously.

The three come together in one place so that weight lifters don’t have to choose between them. Rather than deciding one is better than the other, just take them all in this Neon Sport formula.

Neon Sport chose a ratio of 3:1:1, so clearly BCAAs are the most important, but they work together in this drink mix powder which also contains the energizing and hydrating benefits of raw coconut water concentrate and Carnitine Tartrate.

Looking Closely at the Sequence

Kinetic contains L-Alanine and Glycine, encouraging the body to feel energized when you should be fatigued and L-Valine supports this process. L-Serine contributes to ideal metabolic and nervous system behaviors. With L-Threonine, your body absorbs nutrients better than otherwise, including all the ones listed above.

How to Take Kinetic

Kinetic is designed for use between workout sessions or repetitions and is also a post-recovery drink. Mix a scoop of Lemon Berry, Fruit Punch, or Watermelon Kinetic with water, stir until dissolved, and drink it as you would any other workout mixture to hydrate your body generally but also give it a shot of the amino acids you can’t make on your own. They create a low-calorie addition to your regular training supplements, thanks to the use of sucralose as a sweetener. Kinetic is affordable and tastes good.

Also by Neon Sport

Volt pre-workout product stimulates the body to perform, thanks to active ingredients Rhodiola, Olive Leaf Extract, Caffeine, and Rauwolfia. Each of these contributes to that kick-started sensation so that you are ready to get fit even if you just got out of bed or finished your last workout an hour ago.

The other active ingredient, Beta Alanine, is provided here in a high dose so your muscles will handle the work you give them for a demanding, lengthy session. A build-up of lactic acid will often cause muscle cramping and is common when you train, curtailing your efforts. Beta Alanine prevents that from happening rapidly and, thus, prevents pain from setting in.

Agmatine Sulfate, also featured in Neon Sport Volt, is produced by amino acids. The body uses this by-product to amplify the production of nitric oxide and, thus, allow for free blood circulation in the muscles. This can produce the appearance of larger pecs, quads, etc.

Surge contains Tribulus for enhanced testosterone, Fenugreek to maintain those levels, Ursolic Acid preventing the breakdown of healthy muscle, and Zinc to synthesize and utilize proteins for the repair and growth of muscle. Some added benefits include augmented libido, better immunity, healthier cholesterol, and lower blood sugar.

Lose weight with Thermo Rev, boosting energy and mood using several exotic-sounding but effective ingredients. Gotu Kola supports positive brain chemistry and moods; Advantra Z promotes faster metabolism; Yohimbe energizes; Huperzine supports memory and focus; and Capsimax is an appetite control agent.

(*NOTE: April 2018 Update: The Neon Sport website and products appear to have been discontinued. We don’t know if or when they will be back on line. Hopefully one of the other formulas listed here on the website will suit your needs!)

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