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You have to play and get great bonuses in casino spiele kostenlos online here. Don't miss your chance being much more rich. BCAAs are possibly the hottest trend in weight lifting and fitness supplements right now. To pack on lean muscle, you need to be supporting muscle creation and repair with the proper nutrients, and Branched Chain Amino Acids have to be in your diet somewhere.

When eating enough of them is too difficult or you can’t face a steak right before working out, mix some powdered BCAAs into cold water or juice and get pumping. BSN has what you need with their AMINO X drink mix.

What Are BCAAs?

Just three amino acids are more important to your body building regimen than any of the other ones: Leucine, L-Valine, and Isoleucine. You don’t produce these amino acids and must consume them from high-protein foods including animal, dairy, and plant sources.

Together they help your body make muscle, but they do more than that, supporting the recovery of muscle right down to the cellular level. Strain is part of muscle growth, but without repair and recovery tools you won’t be able to lift weights as steadily or train to compete owing to injury. Gains will be slower. Quads, biceps, and other muscles require more rest.

Is AMINO X by BSN a Stimulant?

BSN Amino X

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This is not a steroid or illegal stimulant. AMINO X doesn’t even contain caffeine although it does contain Taurine, L-Alanine, and L-Citrulline.

Together, these ingredients promote higher energy levels and prevent exhaustion, support muscle growth, transport oxygen more efficiently throughout the body, and stimulate the brain to focus better.

Athletes who lose focus too easily should be taking this blend, especially Taurine. Take this trio to promote a healthy immune system and fight free radicals too.

Additional Ingredients

Besides BCAAs and the ingredients above, AMINO X contains vitamin D and Sodium. Vitamin D works with calcium to promote bone health, is essential to hormone balance affecting moods, and a lack of Vitamin D is associated with poor muscle development.

Sodium is one of the minerals otherwise known as electrolytes which are lost when a person sweats. As electrolytes diminish, you could feel tired, distracted, grumpy, or even dizzy. Flavoring is the last ingredient unless you purchase unflavored AMINO X.

Stacking AMINO X

BSN recommends taking AMINO X with two other products: Nitrix 2.0 and CellMass 2.0. AMINO X will still be helpful without these additional products but works best when the three are part of a daily workout menu of rehydration and supplementation.


All you need is a shaker cup, 6 to 8 ounces of water or juice, and a serving of this powdered drink mix: a blender is not required. Pour the powder into your chosen fluid and shake vigorously. Drink slowly so you don’t get a cramp.

BSN says you will feel it do its thing if you take it before working out, during a short rest period, or after working out to achieve great results. Just don’t eat anything, including a smoothie, within half an hour of taking AMINO X.


According to those who have tried it, unflavored BCAA powder is an acquired taste. Experts suggest you either pick a flavored formula or mix with a tasty fluid, perhaps an electrolyte drink which will boost the mineral content that’s lacking. BSN makes AMINO X in fruit punch, watermelon, green apple, grape, tropical, and blue raspberry flavors plus an unflavored option.

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